AboutHuy Vietnam

Founded in 2006, Huy Vietnam, in just a few short years, has grown rapidly to become the largest self-managed, local Vietnamese food restaurant company in Vietnam — Asia’s newest economic tiger.

At present, Huy VietNam is operating about 200 restaurants, staying in prime locations with high-traffic in Ho Chi Minh city, including four famous brands – Mon Hue, Pho Ong Hung, Com Tho Chay, Great Banh Mi & Cafe, Pho 99 – attracting a huge number of familiar and frequent customers. Mon Hue serves various flavor of Vietnamese cuisine, an authentic royal style called Hue cuisine. Pho Ong Hung has been a favourite brand in cuisine community for years. With a lot of experience in cooking delicious and nutritious food, Com Tho Chay is also known as the restaurant serving high quality meal at a good price. Great Banh Mi & Cafe is a new brand of Huy VietNam but it receives many support from customers and become popular in the community, which is developing quickly and widely. Pho 99 is a very familiar brand to the expatriates, positioning in high-end luxurious style with an extensive menu, rich of Vietnamese culinary tradition, bringing a special experience to the diners.

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